• We actively train your language skills (listening, reading comprehension, speaking and writing). In addition, a great deal of attention is paid to the active mastery of grammar. The teachers work according to our methodology. This means that our German courses, depending on the level and topic, use a combination of different textbooks and materials in order to best convey the learning material to the students and close individual gaps in their knowledge. We cooperate with all leading German textbook publishers. Klett-Sprachen, Schubert, Hueber and others. The Heine-Institut provides its students with all course materials and books required for the course free of charge.  The curricula of our school are fully compliant with the GER (General European Framework of Reference for Languages) and are based on many years of teaching experience.
  • Because our lessons are action-oriented, course participants have the opportunity to apply and practice the material taught orally and in writing. A variety of social forms such as partner work, role plays or presentations provide a relaxed and positive learning atmosphere in the classroom. Through cooperative learning and working methods, the participants in our courses are activated and their speaking rate in class is higher than in any other German school. Thus, they transfer the lesson content into their vocabulary through active application in the classroom and improve their active knowledge of German step by step.
  • Certificates and exams. Upon successful completion of the course, all course participants receive a Heine certificate indicating the number of hours completed and the level achieved. Listening and reading comprehension, speaking, writing and grammar are assessed. Heine-Institut intensive courses are well suited for preparing for officially recognized exams such as Goethe, telc Deutsch and TestDaF. All of our students pass all exams after taking our German course. This is true.

...If you need a particularly intensive German course. If you have special requirements for your German course. If you are disappointed with other German language schools.If you no longer like your tutor. Welcome. Our intensive courses are the right choice for you. Before the course starts, we will discuss everything you are concerned about with you. Your teacher will adapt the lesson content during the course according to your wishes.

...The course content is based on the needs of the participants and can deal with general or specific topics such as: business German, intensive exam preparation or a focus on individual skills. We pay particularly intensive attention to the oral expression of the students.

...Through many hours of lessons, our students are immersed in the German language. This immersion allows for further practical application of what has been learned in class and contributes greatly to their learning success.