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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Learn German With Us!

√Heine is committed to offering quality German language courses in Germany in a pleasant environment that respects the values of each participant, with the aim of strengthening communication between different linguistic communities in the world. We do not only focus on teaching the German language, but also the German culture and costumes. Our staff and teachers will do their utmost to integrate every student and will always be happy to help and give advice also beyond teaching hours to make Germany your home away from home!
√Excellent teaching is the most essential asset to a successful language school. Due to continuous training, our qualified and experienced teachers are well acquainted with the latest developments in the field of German as a foreign language. You will note that our instructors can be seen as highly motivated, very competent and knowledgeable friends who are teaching the class. As a result, the members of our staff are not only available to discuss matters of German language but are also happy to help you with advice on other subjects of life. Many times, they organize extra-curricular activities as well.

√Equipped with the latest technology our classrooms support the students’ learning process ideally. Projectors, tablets and personal computers in every classroom enhance the possibility for our lessons to be taught in an interactive and varied way. All books and teaching materials are provided except dictionaries. Students receive books, a copybook and a pen as well as all relevant photocopies. There are computers with free internet access available and WLAN/Wi-Fi internet access in the entire school. Other learning materials (manuals, books, novels and DVDs) can be borrowed.

√The basis of our courses is the modern usage of the German language. We focus on developing the understanding of the spoken and the written language as well as the ability to express oneself. The teaching follows a clear syllabus and is geared towards training grammar and sentence structures and expanding vocabulary. The variety of teaching methods guarantees optimum learning success. In individual, partner or group work, you will improve your reading and listening comprehension as well as written and oral expression. We believe that the most important aspect of learning a new language is oral communication and having fun. You can put this into practice not only in role playing, language learning games and discussions, but also during our arranged leisure activities.

German courses

German courses in Germany. DEUTSCHKURSE ONLINE.

Individual and flexible intensive German courses.

The Heine-Institut offers German courses for kids, teenagers, adults and executives. An intensive German course at the Heine-Institut is the ideal solution for everyone who is looking to improve his or her German quickly and easily. Small classes and intensive lessons facilitate quicker learning success. Whether you are looking for a course for a total beginner or an advanced learner, you want an intensive or a part-time German course, or you need German for high school, university or your job: The Heine-Institut has the perfect German course for you!

You want to learn German quickly and effectively? Then our intensive courses are the best option! You will learn in a group every day and reach your goal quickly.

Our German intensive courses are aimed at an academically or professionally pre-educated audience who already know their own weaknesses and strengths and want to progress as quickly as they do sustainably. We don’t play around. We just do it.

It is possible to join the course at any time, even within a level, depending on the level of knowledge. The teaching days are basically dual, i.e., divided into two parts: Theoretical knowledge is taught in the morning, and practical application is practiced in the afternoon. The perfect interlocking of linguistic theory and practice. 

We offer language training for every industry and every individual level of development. Individually or in a group, on|campus, on|line or on|spot at a location of your choice. All intensive courses are geared towards the most effective possible intermeshing of theory teaching and practical applicability. We want you to be able to cope on the street, at the bakery or in a German authority just as well as at work or in the lecture hall.


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Moving To Germany

Study in Germany

What is German for? For example, to study in Germany. Education in Germany is one of the top 5 best education systems in the world. Get your prestigious diploma and unique knowledge from German institutions and pursue your career in your home country or anywhere in the world. Germany's education system is the best in the world. Need a consultation? Send a request for a consultation.


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German courses in Germany

Any Schengen visa entitles you to study in German language schools during the summer. In Germany, you will complete one level of German in 4-8 weeks. The experience of communicating and living in Germany, in a German environment, will give you invaluable help in mastering the German language. Ages 10-15 are taught in children's camps. 16+ in intensive German centres for adults.


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Getting to Germany

Jobs for foreigners and migrants in Germany

Learn German and work in Germany. Germany is known to have a huge labour shortage. You will 100% get a job and earn a competitive European salary. Need a consultation? Send a request for a consultation.

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Medical treatment in Germany

Learn German and get treated in Germany. The best medicine in the world, everyone knows it, is of course in Germany. German doctors will solve absolutely any problem you may have. Need advice on treatment in Germany?


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Getting to Germany


Choosing to study in a new country is a big decision, especially when the teaching cultures are very different. As a non-EU international student, your first step should be checking if your previous academic qualifications are recognized in Germany. Germany has a solution for those whose qualifications do not meet the criteria of the German education system. Studienkolleg (Prep4University), which is a preparatory course designed specifically for international students.

The Studienkolleg programme works as a bridge between studying in your home country and Germany and lets you yourself into the new German academic culture. 

You’ll be required to undertake a Studienkolleg if your current education certificate does not transfer to the German higher education system. Without it, you may not get a place at a German university.

This guide will take you through the different types of Studienkolleg in Germany, and give you all the information you need to know to choose the right Studienkolleg programme for your studies.


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The road to Germany

How To Apply For A Bachelor's&Master's Degree in Germany

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Successful students enrolled in Germany 



Job options in Germany




Did you know that there are several types of German in Germany?



How Germany was formed and why it is the way it is.



The Most Beautiful Places in Germany